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Associate Sculptors

Our goal is to promote public sculpture in Island, San Juan, Skagit and Whatcom counties. We are an advocate and resource for the artist. The relationship between us and the artist is mutually beneficial, both working towards promoting quality art for it’s cultural significance and economic opportunity.

We help place sculpture in venues including private and commercial purchases, commissioned work, temporary exhibitions and leasing of sculpture. We market the work of Associate Sculptors through our website, print and digital media, and an annual Associate Sculptor exhibition.

We offer sculptors a sales program, and a network to connect with other sculptors and resources. On all sales or commissions, Sculpture Northwest receives 40% of the selling price for each work sold with the artist getting 60% of the selling price.

Maintaining high standards for our Associate Sculptors is important. Strong artwork is essential in creating a positive impact within our community, and successfully promoting the legacy of Art’s role within civilization.

Benefits: $35 annually

Enables and provides opportunity for artists to increase the sale of their work in areas of:

  • Recognition and promotion of their work on permanent and temporary display in Island, San Juan, Skagit and Whatcom counties

  • Access to Sculpture Northwest artist network

  • Promoting works for sale on Sculpture Northwest social media

  • Invitation to participate in International Sculpture Day events and activities

  • Reduced rates for International Sculpture Magazine advertising

  • An avenue to provide comments and suggestions to our Board of Directors

  • Digital access and input to the quarterly newsletter

  • Regional sculpture calendar of events

  • Opportunity to apply for inclusion in the SNW sales program

  • Exclusive invitation to SNW events, openings and our annual membership meeting

Jury criteria for Associate Sculptors:

Associate Sculptors are selected for their exceptional artistic talent, and who have agreed to a partnership with Sculpture Northwest. Each prospective Associate Sculptor will be juried prior to acceptance in this partnership.


  • Does the artist have a clear and provocative voice/style/aesthetic?

  • Do they have a defined concept that is conveyed through their work?

  • Is their work unique, innovative, visionary? 


  • Does the artist demonstrate an appropriate ‘mastery’ of their medium?

  • Does their work exhibit a sound and considerate use of materials?

  • Is the technical construction of the sculpture an important factor in the artists work?

  • Does the artist create work that can withstand the environmental rigors of a public space? 


  • Is the artist proactive in marketing their work?

  • Do they consider themselves a “professional artist”?

  • Do they have a digital/online portfolio or website?

  • Do they exude a sense of determination or follow-through to create public work?

  • Does the artist have business/liability insurance?


  •  Does the artist’s portfolio include ‘works of significance’ (public sculpture installations, large scale work or flagship projects)?

  • Does their resume show a track record of exhibitions, commissions, installations, or other professional or educational experience?

Apply as an Associate Sculptor using the form below.

Note: All information is secure and will only be accessed by Sculpture Northwest.

Associate Sculptor Inquiry

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