A Big and Small Gallery

Sculpture Northwest: A Big and Small Gallery
November 28, 2016


Our “Big Gallery” includes Island, San Juan, Skagit and Whatcom counties which we are promoting as an international, national, regional and local destination for lovers of outdoor sculpture. There are hundreds of public sculptures in this region and we’ve made great progress in locating and cataloging these sculptures. We have also made significant progress in developing relationships with art organizations, sculptors and enthusiasts in these four counties.

Our “Small Gallery” is next to the future home of Sylvia Center for the Arts in downtown Bellingham. We are proud to have been the first tenant in this new cultural enterprise. This year the Sculpture Northwest Gallery has mounted four exciting shows. “Contemporary Figure”, “Eclectic and Kinetic”, “Elemental: Sculpture of Fire, Air, Water & Earth”, and “Clay, Wood, Stone and Beyond”.

Our first show for 2017 opening January 6 is “Of This Land: First Nations Sculpture” followed by “Art Beyond Conflict”, an exhibition of contemporary sculpture from the Middle East and North Africa which will open March 3. The “Art Beyond Conflict” project is an example of the collaboration of arts commissions and arts organizations in these four counties as they present works by artists from those Muslim nations in a single programed exhibit.

We feel you would like to see Sculpture Northwest succeed. Projects like this cannot be achieved without the assistance of individuals like you with and your end-of-year donation or your volunteer hours. Please join Sculpture Northwest in this endeavor and help insure that both our ‘Big and Small Gallery’ goals will continue with their success.


George F. Drake, Ph.D.
Sculpture Northwest President

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