Sculptor's Society of British Columbia: Clay, Wood, Stone and Beyond Exhibition Opening
October 7, 2016 // 6PM

750x397 fill WOOD STONE CLAY

Sculpture Northwest Gallery is delighted to welcome The Sculptors' Society of British Columbia to Bellingham, October 7th to December 17th, 2016.  In the exhibition titled Clay, Wood, Stone and Beyond, eleven artists with differing art practices, united through sculpture, will present their work. Feast your eyes on a wide range of contemporary sculpture from the bizarre to the exquisite, from the classical to interactive automata, in bronze, stone, ceramic, welded steel and other mixed media.

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Elemental: Sculpture of Fire, Air, Water and Earth Opening
June 3, 2016

Join us June 3rd at 6PM for the opening of our latest exhibition, Elemental: Sculpture of Fire, Air, Water & Earth. Artists skillfully source motifs and materials from the natural world as inspiration and create enchanting representations of the four elements. Journey underwater, into the sky, through valleys and to the depths of mother Earth's creations through the artist's works. Wine, cheese and crackers will be provided // $5 donation is encouraged.

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Art Talk: May 12, 2016







International Sculpture Day
April 24, 2016

With a turnout of over 200+, Sculpture Northwest celebrated International Sculpture day recognizing artists, organizations, businesses, and individuals for their contribution to public sculpture in the Pacific Northwest region. The festivities featured two awards ceremonies, a performance by WWU's All Aboard Acapella, and a wine and cheese reception afterward.


Thank you to all who attended, and who continue to participate in contribuiting to the bustling outdoor sculpture scene in the Pacific Northwest.

IMG 20160424 142631313 HDR

First place photo contest award winner Chris Johnston poses with his excellent photo of Ann Morris' Double Dream.

2016 Bellingham Downtown Exhibit Opens
April 9, 2016


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In celebration of International Sculpture Day on April 24, Sculpture Northwest and the City of Bellingham have collaborated on the Downtown Sculpture Exhibition.  The outdoor exhibition features the sculpture of prominent Pacific Northwest sculptors:  Ann Morris (Eagle Arm); Jason Reed Brown (Raven II); David Kitts (Giant Mailbox); Aaron Loveitt (Hollow); Thor Myhre (Buddha); Christopher Pauley (Two Cats on a Bicycle and Red Bird Apartment House) Lillian Pitt (She Follows the Dreams and Dreaming About Weaving Baskets). The exhibit will be on display until April 2017.

Welcoming Committee for our Friends of the Middle East
March 26, 2016

In response to an increasing level of prejudice against individuals of Muslim faith from North Africa and the Middle East the Board of Directors of Sculpture Northwest has decided to promote an appreciation of cultural diversity through Art by mounting a four county [Island, San Juan, Skagit and Whatcom] international outdoor sculpture exhibit "Art Beyond Conflict: Contemporary Sculpture of the Middle East."

We invite you, or your organization to join us in this project and endorse it by donating $100 to Sculpture Northwest.

Contemporary Figure Exhibit Opening
March 4, 2016 - 6pm

Join us on March 4the for the opening of our newest exhibit, Contemporary Figure.

From pensive pose to dreamy gesture, this exhibition features multiple regional artists with a shared creative vision and exemplary technical skills in rendering the human figure in new and often unexpected ways.  Sharply executed in a variety of media, a mystique graces these forms that clearly celebrate the body and all its complex postures with unusual perspective and whimsical palettes.  Francie Allen, Viven Chiu, Mary Coss, Ellen Kennelly, Crista Matteson and John Lucas delight the eyes with their often intimate, sometimes playful, versions of the contemporary figure.

Call to Artists: Sculpture of Earth, Water, Fire, Air 
March 1, 2016


Sculpture Northwest Photo Competition
January 19, 2016 - April 10, 2016

Entry Requirements
Photograph entries must be of a sculpture permanently installed outdoors in public view in Island, San Juan, Skagit or Whatcom counties, i.e., not part of a temporary exhibit. Entries must be available without payment for use by Sculpture Northwest on their web site and promotional material. In every usage by Sculpture Northwest the name of the photographer shall be given. The photographer will retain copyright for all other uses of the photograph.

Submission Deadline: April 10, 2016
• Entries will be juried on artistic quality of the photograph
• The photographer need not be a resident of the 4-county area.
• The name of the sculpture and of the artist are to be provided.
• The exact location of the work is to be provided.
• The name of the owner of the work is to be provided if possible.
• A limit of five photographs may be submitted by each photographer.
• Each photo must be 300 dpi (3300 x 4200 pixels) for publication purposes.

Submit digital photographs to along with the complete information required for each sculpture as noted above.

"Emerge" Exhibition Artist Lecture, Slideshow and Reception
November 19, 2016

Thor Myhre dicussed how he cleverly worked re-purposed iron into rustic yet intimate pieces such as "Baby" and "My Sweet Mother." Aaron Loviett brought new perspectives to metalwork with "Bellingham Bay" and "Track" by reshaping actual train track into a dreamy river flow. Jesse Rasmussen playfully tricks the eye with "Raven's Nest:" he explained a new technique in finishing metal and ceramic sculpture. Sue Taves sheds light on how she skillfully delivers the dancing curves of nature in stone such as "Windscape II." A tremendous "Thank You!" to all of our artists for their amazing discussions of their art at Sculpture Northwest -- what eloquent and truly talented artists that we're lucky to have in this region.

Forging Reflection: Luminosity Meets Metalwork
December 4, 2015 - February 20, 2016

View the Forging Reflection: Luminosity Meets Metalwork Photo Gallery

As you walk around this show you will notice that there is a dialogue going on between the works and yourself. These three artists display radically different work but with something in common despite their various approaches. Jason Brown employs traditional Northwest Coast imagery as a starting point but uses a totally different media - forged steel. His reflections are an internal communication with the viewer. Peter Rand uses wood and light in a thoroughly contemporary way that has an architectural quality and actaully uses reflected light. Wayne Kangus produces exuberant pieces of collected metal scraps that glitter, reflect the light, and seem to move. Wayne's work sparkles with reflected light.

Emerge: An Exploration of Northwest Sculpture
September 5th - November 22, 2015


View the Emerge: An Exploration of Northwest Sculpture Photo Gallery

Sculpture Northwest is proud to present Emerge an eclectic show of figurative, non objectable and experimental sculpture by regional artists. As the gallery 'emerges' onto the Northwest's art scene we present both emerging and established artists in this, our second show at Sculpture Northwest. Works in Bronze, Stone and wire are featured.

Regional Stone, Regional Sculptors
June 5 - August 16, 2015


View the Regional Stone, Regional Sculptors Gallery

Our initial exhibit was selected works of the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association (NWSSA). 

The choice of offering this show to NWSSA was made simple by the knowledge of the very high level of artistry of the members. Not so simple was selecting the work from a large body of submissions. The resulting show is of such a uniformly exceptional quality that the viewer will be amazed and leave the show with a much deeper understanding of the regional work being done and the aesthetics involved. While the work inevitably varies among the 32 artists represented there are still qualities that thread their way though the show. The most obvious quality is elegance. So much of the work has that timeless simplicity and high workmanship that is the most pleasing to the eye. This is counterpointed by some work that has a raw nature or political point. Much of the work is thoroughly modern with the Asian influence identified with the work of Morris Graves and Mark Toby that was dubbed “Northwest Mysticism”. Sculpture Northwest is proud to present this remarkable show. Sculpture Northwest is proud to present "EMERGE" an eclectic show of figurative, non objectable and experimental sculpture by established artists in this, our second show at Sculpture Northwest. Works in Bronze, Stone and wire are currently featured. 

New Sculpture Northwest Gallery
We’re proud to announce Sculpture Northwest’s new Gallery and Office located in the heart of the Bellingham Arts District is now open.


Sculpture Northwest Gallery
203 Prospect Street, Bellingham, Washington
Gallery hours: Friday thru Sunday, 12 to 5 pm


For further information please Email or phone 360.734.9757.